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Pamla LaDon Klenczar
Pamla LaDon Klenczar
Pamla LaDon Klenczar lives in the Boston Mountain range of the Ozarks, on the side of a mountain in the middle of a forest, with 4 large dogs and 1 husband.  "All of whom require a lot of attention." Her passion is painting; with pens, pencils and brushes from the photorealistic to the surreal.  She is a very prolific artist, and explores many styles, subjects and media. 

"It takes more than a glance to truly see past the surface of the artists creation.  To discover the gold nuggets that lay hidden with in the heart you must look more than once.  Allow yourself to cling to higher purpose and realm.  Through the artists revelation and discovery see that the light shines for you, that countless eyes look on, waiting in expectation and wonder ready to announce your arrival into a realm built on faith and love."

107 West Church Street   Jasper, Arkansas      870-446-5477
Jasper, Arkansas
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